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Week #52

Jeff  —  December 27, 2010 — Leave a comment

Here we are…the last week of the year!  The church that I work for generously gave us this week off.  I look forward to this time every year as it is a time to unwind and refocus myself for the next year.  Holidays on the church calendar are a busier time as we are ramping up to prepare for special services.  As a result, the week off after Christmas always comes at a great time!  I am ready for it! Continue Reading…

Back From Vacation

Jeff  —  May 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

I am back at it on my first Monday after vacation. The picture above was my parting view of California. Pretty sweet huh? We had a great time relaxing and holding ourselves to no real agenda. Well…there were a few agenda items.

If you are in Southern California you have to go to Sprinkles. Even if it means waiting in line for a while. We hit up Sprinkles a few times while we were there.  If you think it is absolutely ridiculous to wait in line for a cupcake…well…you have not had these cupcakes.   Continue Reading…