My 12 Days of Christmas: #6 A Christmas Giving Tip

Jeff  —  December 17, 2010 — Leave a comment

It’s Christmas Eve.  I have just finished my shopping and I am frantically headed home to wrap the gifts and put them under the tree so that I can be on time for our Christmas Eve service.  Mission accomplished!  Or so I think.

That was last year…and many years before.  Fast forward to last night.  “This year I would just ask that you have the presents wrapped and under the tree more than 24 hours before Christmas.”  I wish I could say that was God’s voice and I am carrying out his divine plan this Christmas season.  That was the conversation Rochelle and I had last night as we were talking about Christmas.  She wasn’t complaining or wining, she was simply stating what was important to her.  With my wife, giving gifts is more than just that.  It is about the presentation…the forethought…the excitement leading up to Christmas…the wrapping paper…the bows…all that stuff.  My wife wants to know that I spent time wrapping the gift and not just throwing it together at the last minute.  This makes her feel loved, appreciated, and that there was some thought put into the gift giving process.

I am sure my wife isn’t the only one whom these things apply.  It is my guess that women…wives everywhere hope that there husbands give a little forethought to gift giving this year. Maybe the presents are wrapped earlier?  Maybe they are wrapped with paper that they would like instead of newspaper?   Maybe there are a few bows on their gifts?  I know…for some this may sound over the top, but I guarantee you your wife will appreciate this.  It will make Christmas more than an obligation to get your wife something.  This will communicate that you love her enough to think in advance.

That is my tip today.  Think about what you will give your wife or spouse in advance.  Think about what kind of paper you will use and plan to have those gifts under the tree earlier. After you have done that, let me know the response you get.  I am sure it will be a good one.

What are some things that you do to make your spouse feel loved during the Christmas season?  What is important to your spouse in the giving and receiving of gifts?  I would love to hear the various thoughts about this.  Let us all know in the comments.

Now that I have set the bar incredibly high for myself, I better get going!