My 12 Days of Christmas: Day #1

Jeff  —  December 1, 2010 — Leave a comment

Today I begin what I am going to call “My 12 Days of Christmas.” 12 days before Christmas (not consecutive) I will post something Christmas related.  Some days it will be a tradition that we have as a family, something from Scripture reminding us of the birth of Christ, or a ministry idea that I have concerning Christmas. So today December 1, I present to you day 1 of “My 12 Days of Christmas.”

It is very important to Rochelle and I that we create traditions…memories for our family. We want Madelynn to have great memories of her childhood, especially when it comes to the holidays.  A couple of Fridays ago Rochelle, myself, and Madelynn changed into our Christmas pajamas, turned on the Christmas music, made cookies, and put up our Christmas tree.  Even though it was before Thanksgiving, I felt that it was already Christmas.  We had a great time!  I think Madelynn’s favorite part was eating the cookies, along with playing with the tissue paper that came with the Christmas tree decorations.  We had a fun night!

As Madelynn grows up she will remember the things we do together as a family.  She will remember the smell of cookies, the sound of the music, and mom laughing at dad as he tries to find the perfect spot to hang that one decoration, knowing that mom will move it to the “right” place later.  All of these things she will remember.  And when she grows up to be a “big girl” with a little girl of her own, she just might do some of these same things.  On that day stories may be told of grandma and grandpa Ferguson (or whatever we will be called) and the fun she had as they hung the tree.  These stories are in the process of being written. These stories are the memories we are making right now.  I just want to make these stories great ones to hear!

What about you?  What are some things you remember about growing up at Christmas time?  What are some traditions that you have instituted that are unique to your family?  Tell us in the comments.