40 Days To Easter: Day #11

Jeff  —  March 6, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today’s Reading: Matthew 23:1-39

What a sobering passage of Scripture for us today as we continue on this road to Easter.  Just like the path to the resurrection was filled with incredible highs and incredible lows for Jesus, the road to Easter is much the same for us.  As I take part in these daily readings there are times that I sit back in wonder at what Jesus did for me and I celebrate this amazing work.  There are other days that I am forced to take a deep look inside myself as Jesus desires to challenge me in a variety of ways.  As I read today, there is no celebration as Jesus derides the Pharisees.  Rather, I must come to grips with the fact that what Jesus is calling out in the Pharisees, most certainly at times exist in me.  So as I walk away from today’s reading, I am letting these words of Jesus sink into my heart so that nothing exists that displeases my Savior.  So no celebration here…just contemplation…allowing Jesus to do a deep work inside of me.  I want to allow the pain of dying to self daily to occur so that I can become more and more like Jesus Christ.  This is what following Christ is really about.