40 Days To Easter: Day #3

Jeff  —  February 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today’s Reading: John 12:12-19

What stands out to me the most about John’s account of the triumphal entry is the disciples’ response to these events as they unfolded.  Verse 16 is very telling as to what the disciples were thinking and feeling on this incredible day.

“At first the disciples did not understand all this.  Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize that these things had been written about him and that these things had been done to him.”

Unlike us, the disciples did not have the luxury of knowing the end of the story and then reading every account in light of this.  They were walking through life experiencing these events for the first time without the benefit of hindsight. Consequently, it was not until after Jesus was glorified that the realization of these events settled into the hearts of the disciples.  And as they put these events together to discover the larger picture of what Jesus did in their lives, undoubtedly it produced an amazing sense of awe that God would choose them to be a part of that amazing three-year journey.

This example prompts me to ask the question, “What about God’s activity in my life am I not perceiving in the moment?”  Right now I see but pieces of the puzzle of the story that God is putting together in my life.  Therefore, it is impossible for me to absolutely understand everything that He is trying to do.  God’s plan for my life is bigger than any one event.  This should cause me to be patient as He is leading me, humble as He uses me, and mindful that what I am experiencing now will someday have a an impact that I may not be able to see currently.  So in many ways, the disciples story is also my story.  “At first his disciples did not understand all this.”  The point of following Christ is not that we understand all of God’s activity, but that we have faith to follow where He is leading us.

What is God doing in your life right now that you do not yet understand?  He may be setting you up for a future realization that just may surprise you.