40 Days To Easter: Day #2

Jeff  —  February 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today’s reading: John 12:1-11 

In today’s passage, we see an incredible display of extravagant worship that cost Mary everything she had.  Driven by deep gratitude for Jesus, she did what a person does when they realize just how much they have been forgiven.  She took a jar of very expensive perfume and regardless of the cost poured it all on Jesus’ feet.  Instead of thinking about how much she was giving up, her thoughts focused on how much was given to her. In light of the incredible grace extended to her, the gift she gave still fell short.  This goes to show us that extravagant worship spares no expense.  When we focus on the grace extended to us, there is no display of worship that is too costly.

However, Judas thought that this was too extravagant of a gift.  He was beside himself as he saw this display of worship as a complete waste of money. Certainly, this could have been given to the poor he thought to himself.  While he disguised his intentions with a benevolent statement, he was anything but benevolent.  Judas was frustrated by this scene because he wanted to benefit from how much money this would have yielded him.  If extravagant worship spares no expense, the opposite is also true.  Selfishness counts the expense.

So as we approach today, let us endeavor to be like Mary and practice extravagance towards God.  Because our worship is a reflection of our gratefulness for what Jesus had done for us.  We are extravagant toward God because of His extravagance toward us.  God withheld nothing by sending us His one and only Son.  Certainly, we can be extravagant in our worship.

Here is a good question to think about today.

How can you be extravagant in your worship of God today?