I’m Still Here…

Jeff  —  October 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

So it has only been about seven months and seven days since my last post, but who’s counting?  Well…I am.  I have finally come to the realization that I needed to sit down and get back on track.  That is what this post is all about.  I am a long way off of my post per week goal, but with this post I hope to regain some traction.

Where have I been?  Sitting at my kitchen table from 8pm-11:30pm almost every night of the week.  That is where I study as I get closer to obtaining my Masters degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary here in Kansas City.  For the past seven months I have tried to juggle family, ministry, and school.  I am still alive, but I am definitely ready to be done and have some margin in my life once again.  Between reading, writing papers, and posting in the discussion forums this Masters program is extremely rigorous and is stretching me in every way.  While I could sit down and talk convincingly about what it means to be made in the image of God, it seems that I am not quite as proficient in talking about current events or even discussing sports.  By the way, are the Tigers still in the playoffs?  That is the reason that this blog has gone silent for approximately seven months and seven days.  However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Today I just finished up another term and only have three terms left.  Now I begin the push towards Christmas break.  The end is definitely near.

So…yes I am still here.  I will push myself to post once a week and hopefully have something of significance to say.  Pray that I finish strong!

Have you ever had a busy time in your life that derailed you from accomplishing some of your goals?  Let us know in the comments.