Purity…Much Bigger Than Sex

Jeff  —  January 26, 2011 — 4 Comments

Next week we are starting our purity series in our student ministry.  I am calling this a purity series because purity is so much bigger than sex.  There is the mistaken notion that there is this line drawn somewhere, and when we cross it we have lost our purity. What a horrible view that we often pass down to our students.  Ironically, this view leads to both permissiveness and legalism. Both of which are prevalent among students, leaders, and parents.  Not only is this wrong but it is unbiblical.

During this series I hope to go beyond the concept of crossing an imaginary line and instead challenge students to pursue a life of purity.  When we do this, our standards will be much higher and the outcome of our lives much greater.  There are many students who are not having sex, but that is not synonymous with purity.  Purity is lost long before someone decides to have sex.  In some cases…years before someone makes the decision to compromise sexually.  Compromising sexually is simply one of many symptoms of an impure lifestyle.

We live in an impure and sex saturated culture.  In the midst of this I will challenge students to be bold enough to live differently. I will not compromise and think, “They will just do it anyway.”  This line of reasoning is faulty and sets every student up for failure. God has called us to live at a higher level, and that is what I will communicate to our students.

This series will look different in that my wife and I are separating the guys and the girls.  I believe this will lead to more open discussion and give them the opportunity to ask questions they otherwise might not ask.  My wife will be taking the girls through the book, “And The Bride Wore White” by Dannah Gresh.  I will be using the book, “Every Young Man’s Battle” by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker to challenge our young men.  If you are interested in purchasing either of these resources, I have included a link below.  If you attend our church come and see me for these resources.

I am looking forward to the next several weeks!  It will be challenging, but our students will hear truth.

In your opinion, does the Church teach on purity enough?  Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.