“All To Us” by Chris Tomlin

Jeff  —  January 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

I feel like I have stumbled upon what could be the next big declaration of worship for the local Church.  Every so often, there comes a song that says what we are feeling and thinking, but can’t quite put into words.  These songs, when sung corporately, seem to have a distinct energy and power to them.  Instead of a song, these become declarations that we want to live our lives by.I feel that, “All To Us” by Chris Tomlin is one of these songs that will capture the heart of this generation of worshipers.  It is extremely powerful and describes what I feel should be the sole purpose of the local church.  Here are the lyrics that capture my attention.


Let the glory of Your name

Be the passion of the Church

Let the righteousness of God

Be a holy flame that burns

Let the saving love of Christ

Be the measure of our lives

We believe You’re all to us

These lyrics challenge me to a greater walk with Christ.  I am challenged to make Jesus Christ my BIGGEST passion.  I am challenged to make righteousness something that burns within me.  I am challenged to measure my life not on success or failure but solely on the saving love of Jesus Christ.  Until this happens I cannot say that Christ is all to me, but this is what I want to pursue.

Certainly we do not place any song on the same footing of Scripture, but songs such as this one can be an excellent supplement for growth in our Christian lives.

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Have you heard this song yet?  What do you think about it?  What do you feel is the challenge for the local Church contained in this song?