I’m Going Back To School!

Jeff  —  January 10, 2011 — 3 Comments

It’s official!  I am going back to school!  Today I begin work on my Masters of Theological Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  This is something that my wife and I have been talking about for some time now.  We finally decided that this is probably the best time to continue my education.  Life will only get more complicated and filled with more responsibility…so why not now?

I am excited and apprehensive at the same time.  While I love school and enjoy the challenge of learning new things, this will be my first time back since I graduated from North Central University in 2003.  This time around I have a wife, a child, and a full time job…just a little more responsibility.  Taking all of this into consideration I am ready to go ahead and stretch myself once again.

I am a big believer in some form of ongoing training and learning.  As a leader it is my responsibility to make sure that I am in an environment where I can continually grow.  Going back to school to get my masters is just one way to accomplish that.  The past couple of years have been spent with Ministry Coaching International being coached by another pastor in various areas such as Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan, and Priority Management.  Now I step into the world of formal education to pursue another degree.  I am looking forward to it!

I would appreciate your prayers as I try and figure out how to manage family, work, and this new endeavor effectively.  Here we go!

What are you doing right now to grow your leadership?  Let us know in the comments.  Maybe we could encourage each other to try something new.